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Design and development of contemporary, mobile friendly and search engine optimized websites in Menorca and beyond!

Do you want to expand your market place?

Are you thinking about getting your first website?

Does your existing website leave you and your customers uninspired?

ClickMe Web Design offers a professional web development service tailored to suit your requirements.
I work with you as a partnership to ensure you get the website you need, on time and on budget.
I aim to entice new customers to your business and keep existing ones coming back for more.


ClickMe Web Design offers you a one-stop-shop for your website requirements.

Web Design

I will design a personalised website tailored for your target audience. I can make the website interactive, giving your customer the information they require instantly - e.g. calculate the rental costs for cars or villas. I can design a completely bespoke website, or if your budget demands, use a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla. We want the design of your website will reflect the nature of your business. Contemporary, vintage, futuristic, single page – there are endless possibilities, but don’t get overwhelmed: I will suggest options and you can decide the final layout.

Web Development

All my websites are designed to be mobile friendly (‘responsive’). This means that the layout adapts instantly to the screen size of the device your potential customer is using. Users do not have to zoom in or tap the screen to read the content, thus keeping them browsing your website for longer. Every website I develop is tested on a variety of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops (real, not virtual, ones) and in different browsers – Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari - before they are released. I follow best-practice programming techniques and deal with all the technical aspects of having a website.

SEO Analysis

It is not enough to have a whizzy website, it has to reach its target audience. Using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) I aim to drive your website to the top of the search rankings. I am dedicated to keeping up to date with the algorithms used by the major search engines so I can keep your website at the forefront of your sector. I can set you up accounts for Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. and link them to your website. Managed correctly, these can all help to bring traffic to your site and improve your visibility on the internet.


Content is king - If you want to rank highly on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) it is vital that your website has relevant and sufficient content. If you give me your ideas, I can compose the copy for the website so that it is both interesting for your customers and has the relevant keyword phrases for the search engines. I can have the content translated to the languages you require for your international customers. If you wish, for an agreed monthly fee, I can add articles to a blog on your website on a regular basis to keep it current and interesting to your customers.


We live in a very visual society. Photographs grab our attention – using high quality, relevant imagery keeps customers browsing your website for longer. I can provide photographs to suit all your website requirements. If you are on a limited budget I can use stock photographs as an economical option. I also offer an in-house photography service or can engage a professional photographer on your behalf.

IT Consultancy/Support

I can manage your web hosting, domain names and email addresses for you. I can also design and develop bespoke applications to help run your business more smoothly, from complex database systems for running your estate agency, villa or car rental booking company etc. to accountancy software. I can also provide assistance and training for using a wide variety of packages from Microsoft Office to book-keeping packages such as Sage. I can also give advice on the best hardware and software to suit your requirements.

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.”

Demosthenes, (circa 385-322 BC)

Elaine Yallop About Me

An Information Technology graduate, I have over 20 years’ experience working in the IT sector, designing and developing trading and risk management systems for international banks including Union Bank of Switzerland, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Nat West Markets, Barclays, Swiss Volksbank and Security Pacific National Bank amongst others. I have also worked as an independent business systems consultant for The London Stock Exchange, The Eastern Electricity Board and PowerGen. I am now using my skills to produce websites and am passionate that they should be of the highest standard and be a major asset to your company.

My Goals

Purposeful Websites

ClickMe Web Design aims to provide websites that will bring you new clients and keep existing ones coming back for more. I want their browsing experience to be positive, and will design a website that will both appeal to your clients and engage them. It is vital that all new websites be of a mobile friendly design so that they work well on smaller screens as well as laptops and PCs. This will keep your clients browsing your site for longer - and please Google!.

Search Engine Optimisation

ClickMe Web Design aims to ensure your site does well in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Before composing the content for any website I perform a keyword phrase analysis for your sector. This, in part, involves discovering which are the most popular searches on the internet for your business and ensure that these phrases are included in the text on your website in a natural, readable manner. Your website must appeal to your customers as well as Google. I also research your competitors to ensure your website is pitched correctly.

A Professional Service

ClickMe Web Design aims to offer you a complete website design and development service delivered in a professional manner. After initial discussions with you, I will produce a website proposal, complete with budgets, timescales and action plans. Once you are happy with the proposal I will begin the design and development process and deliver your website on time and on budget. I want happy, satisfied customers so that you will promote my business in the same manner that I want to promote yours. I am passionate about my belief in the power of the internet as a marketing and sales tool and want to channel that passion into designing and developing your website.

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Web Hosting

While I do not provide hosting myself, I do endorse TSOHOST, a web hosting company based in the UK.
They provide excellent range of packages at very competitive prices. I find their customer service second to none and use them whenever I can.
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